My Mouth Is Full of Dropkicking Astronauts - Look At Me, I'm a Breakdancing Dinosaur [EP] (2007)

Artista/Band:My Mouth Is Full of Dropkicking Astronauts
Album:Look At Me, I'm a Breakdancing Dinosaur [EP]

01. Dear Diary, Today I Broke The Skulls From Pink Haired Crocodiles
02. Tits!!!Knifes!!! Handshakes!!!Brittany
03. Hey Mario, Just Bring My Coke...
04. Everytime I Sing, My Girlfriend Pulls The Speakers Into My Ass
05. Hello My Name Is Boomshakalaka Boris And Chris From My Mouth Is Full Of Dropkicking Astronauts Record This Song For Me
06. KA ME HA ME HAAAA!!!! Damn, That Was Brutal, My Head Hurts
07. I Like Your Dress, But You look Like A Dinosaur
08. My Mouth Is Full Of Dropkicking Astronauts!!
09. Wheelchair Vs. Old School Mustache
10. I'm Not A Woman, But I Love Girlpants
11. I Don't Wear Girl Pants Because I'm Not Emo And My Balls Are To Large
12. Clouds In Penisform...You Think That's Impossible! I Can Fart A Octopus And Kiiss Him
13. Ricky Martin, Ricky Martin, I Paint Him With Colour And Than I Play Dart With Him
14. You Are Not Very Fast With Broken Legs
15. Sorry But I'm Not Very Athletic But...LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!!!
16. V Vs. S (Gimme Some Emocore Because I Want To Swing My Hips)
17. After This Scary Song, You Gonna Know Why Ginger is so Fucking Awwwsome
18. Spidermans With A Black Costume = Sadomaso Man
19. I'm So Sensitive And Emotional, I Love Myspace And I Love Girl Pants (Bonus Song)



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