Math The Band - Banned The Math (2008)

Artista/Band:Math the Band
Album:Banned The Math

01. Hey Dude! (A Prelude)
02. Let's Hear It for Capitalism
03. Leeeeetttsss Gggooooooo!
04. Blue Skies and Blue Jeans
05. Wear Wolf Fever
06. My Algebra Teacher (Sold Herion)
07. The Water Cycle
08. Everyone Is Embarassing
09. Following All the Rules Is Not a Crime
10. You Can't Spell
11. Four Square or Square Ball
12. Upside Down from Here
13. The Alphabet Using Spellcheck
14. The Order of the Planets Form the Sun
15. Homework Sucks
16. Techno Machine (With a Laser Beam)
17. Dinosaurs Were Made Up By the Cia to Discourage Time Travel
18. Shoeless Wonder
19. Third Sunday of October the First
20. Shark Attack

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