Math The Band - Eep! An EP! (2004)

Artista/Band:Math the Band
Album:Eep! An EP!

01. introduction
02. third Sunday of October the first
03. darnit (blink 182 cover)
04. shark attack
05. dinosaurs were made up by the cia to discourage time travel
06. xxxxxpantsxxxxxx
07. the reciprocals will not reciprocate
08. pinochio goes to Tokyo
09. rain
10. larry is just super
11. lukes problem
12. the antidote machine
13. you cant spell samitch without sam or itch
14. funkytown
15. take a nap on the mild side
16. Shook me all night long
17. sad excuse for an emo song
18. happy birthday steve
19. having a square at the ball dance
20. mariariarius
21. shoeless wonder
22. heads vs tails cage match
23. solubility lab with mrs blag
24. awful song
25. march of the microwaves
26. safety-er dance


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