The Megas - Get Equipped (2008)

Artista/Band:The Megas

Album:Get Equipped
País/Country:Estados Unidos
Género/Genre:nintendometal/nes rock/VGM
Myspace:The Megas

01. The Beginning of the End (Wily's Castle Intro)
02. I Want to be The One (Dr. Wily 1-2)
03. A Fate Forged in Steel (Enemy Selected)
04. The Annihilation of Monsteropolis (Airman)
05. Metal Dance (Metalman)
06. Carved from Mighty Oak (Woodman)
07. Promise of Redemption (Bubbleman)
08. Man on Fire (Heatman)
09. Blue Like You (Flashman)
10. The Quick and the Blue (Quickman)
11. Programmed to Fight (Crashman)
12. Lamentations of a War Machine (Credits)


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