Piruka The Band - Killing Pikachus For Fun

Artista/Band:Piruka The Band

Album:Killing Pikachus For Fun

01. Starting with LVL. 1
02. And I Even Bought You a Coca-Cola
03. The Supreme Evil: Albiere
04. Your Bitch is in Another Castle
05. Peach's a Bitch
06. I Need a Loli
07. Sou Rockeru
08. Infelizmente o Agora e o Depois (Musica Emo)
09. Fuckin' Fuckers Fucking Fuckin' Things
10. Is a Porygon Lambada
11. Starting with LVL. 999999
12. Titinho (Demo Version) (Bonus Track)

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Anónimo said...

ele é do brasil

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