The Plasmas - R3BORN (2009)

Artista/Band:The Plasmas

Género/Genere:nes rock/nintendo metal/VGM
Myspace:The Plasmas

01. Run Kirby Run
02. Target: Corneria
03. Zero's Fury Unleashed
04. Let's Go To The Fair Chrono!
05. Wolf By Night, Human In Dreams
06. Ridin' Enguarde Through Aquatic Ambiences
07. Trapped In The Hangar Of Hell
08. Little Dragons & Bubbles Everywhere
09. Blooper Dance
10. Death Wind
11. Magikoopa Waits For Us
12. Kremling Factory Inc
13. Koopalings In The Sky
14. Demons And Zombies Have Stolen My Clothes
15. What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse
16. A Fairytale About Dungeons And Rupees
17. Towards The Doom Castle
18. Play Them Off Keyboard Cat!


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