8 Bit Instrumental - Mega Man 2 Soundtrack (2008)

Artista/Band:8 Bit Instrumental

Album:Mega Man 2 Soundtrack
País/Country:Araguari / Uberlândia, Minas Gerais Brasil

01. Welcome to the Wily’s Happy Party (Opening / Title Theme)
02. Select How To Rock Your Bosses (Select Stage / Boss)
03. Funk Bubble (Bubble Man Stage)
04. Ordinary Man (Flash Man Stage)
05. The Voyager (Quick Man Stage)
06. Metal Disco (Metal Man Stage)
07. Cara de Pau (Wood Man Stage)
08. Hard Core Man (Air Man Stage)
09. Rush Hour? Crash Hour! (Crash Man Stage)
10. Fusion Toez (Heat Man Stage)
11. A5 B24 C135 D45 E2 (Password Theme)
12. I Hate Blue Robots (Dr. Wily Stages 1-5)
13. Huge Bosses (Boss Battle Theme)
14. Vacation in Miranda’s Beach (Ending Theme)


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