The Hunt For Yoshi - Diamonds Are For Never (2008)

Artista/Band:The Hunt For Yoshi

Album:Diamonds Are For Never
País/Country:Haight-Ashbury Georgia del Sur e Islas Sandwich del Sur

01. The Heart of the Ocean
02. Every Kiss Begins With Kenya
03. A Boulder Rolls Towards Your Wagon
04. Locked in Prism
05. Don’t Shoot Until You See His Grill
06. The Lost City of Coal
07. Mr. Freeze and the Ice Quartet
08. Queen Elizabeth Wears Qubic, Zirconia
09. For Every Bride a Child Must Die
10. Diary of a South African Miner
11. The Chaos Emerald Orchestra
12. Crushing Rocks With Your Bare Hands
13. Lullaby for Sierra Leone
14. That Ring Isn’t a Halo
15. Grind Prix


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