Beatzarros - Fuck Noize! This is Beatzarros (2008)


Album:Fuck Noize! This is Beatzarros
Last fm: Beatzarros

01. Dance Party at Jon's Place After the Riot
02. I Don't Have Any Talent But I Call Myself an Artist
03. Fancy Masks for a Street Runway Carnival
04. Believe in Something Bigger Than Yourself May Cheer You Up
05. This Scene is About People Trying to be Cool
06. Hurricane (64 Revolt)
07. Mix These Ingredients for a Successful Life Elixir
08. La Petit
09. Another Short Term Goal Reached
10. Let's See If Occam's Razor is as Sharpened as They Say
11. We Didn't Invent e-Grind Genre But We Are Killing It
12. Nice Point of View, You Aren't Nearly Stupid as You Look
13. What's The Difference Between Tatlin and Malevich? Vladimir Died at 68
14. I Want to Be as Skinny as The Versace Models and as Rich as a Fruit Cake
15. Being Ripped Off (Cripple Bastards)
16. Looking for Acceptance?...You Have no Passion, You're Just Fashion
17. Bon Voyage Amore Mio


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