ThePlasmas - Beware The Invasion (2010)

Artista/Band:The Plasmas
Album:Beware The Invasion
Género/Genere:nes rock/nintendo metal/VGM
Myspace:The Plasmas

Disco 1
01. If You Ever Come Back We'll Kill Ya! (The Lion King)
02. Gotham City (Batman)
03. Magna Vulcan Hornet (Megaman X Series)
04. Treasures In The Moon (Duck Tales)
05. A Wild Pokemon Appears! (Pokémon Red & Blue)
06. Estopolis Denki (Lufia II)
07. Master Blaster (Blaster Master)
08. One Night In Transylvania (Castlevania Series)
09. Lost Between Pipes And Big Holes (Super Mario Bros)
10. Dark Hadou's Lair (Street Fighter Alpha 2)
11. Cave Of Wonders (Aladdin)
12. Toadragons In Da House! (Battletoads & Double Dragon)
13. Flawless Victory (Mortal Kombat Series)
14. Scanning Brinstar (Metroid Series)
15. Welcome To Booster's Tower (Super Mario RPG)
16. Kamek's Curse (Yoshi's Island)
17. Ride The Rainbow (Super Mario Kart)
18. The Dark Side Of Hyrule (The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past)
19. Juju's Crusade (Toki)
20. Tornado Of Concrete (Megaman 9)
21. Brutal Soccer Battlefield (Nintendo World Cup)
22. Four Blocks Madness (Tetris)
23. River City Turf (River City Ransom)
24. Through The Martian Hell (Doom)
25. Into The Cabal (Cabal)

Disco 2
01. Earthquake On The Southern Texas Canyon (Samurai Shodown)
02. Wanted Dead Or Alive (Sunset Riders)
03. Find The Flags, Avoid The Cars (Rally X)
04. Addicted To Pills (Pac-Man)
05. Why The Frog Cross The Road? (Frogger)
06 Fight Like A Bear, Fly Like A Bird (Banjo Kazooie)
07. Slide Until Your Pants Burn (Super Mario 64)
08. Frozen To The Core (Megaman Series; Megaman X Series)
09. Nuclear Launch Detected (Starcraft)
10. Snowball Party (Snow Bros)
11. Mt. Dedede (Kirby Super Star)
12. Donut Plains (Super Mario Kart)
13. Once Upon A Time In Hyrule (The Legend Of Zelda Series)
14. Nuts And Bolts (Donkey Kong Country 3)
15. Climbing Is My Business (Ice Climber)
16. 3 War Machines In One (Macross)
17. We Are The Dragons (Double Dragon)
18. Golden Rings In The Green Hill (Sonic The Hedgehog)
19. I Will Get My Revenge! (Ninja Gaiden)
20. Balloon Fighters (Balloon Fight)
21. Surrounded By Mavericks (Megaman X Series)
22. Cleaning Metro City (Final Fight)
23. U.N. Owen Was Her? (Touhou 6: Embodiment Of Scarlet Devil)


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