Starship Amazing - These Rough Seas Ain't My Doing: A Public Failure (2009)

Artista/Band:Starship Amazing

Album:These Rough Seas Aint My Doing: A Public Failure
País/Country:Estados Unidos

01. Kid, You're Dynamite! You Should Be in Pictures!
02. When I Grow Up, I Wanna Be a Steamshovel!
03. That Piano... Is MAGIC!!! (Unused Transition)
04. If It Ain't, It'll Do 'Till the Mess Gets Here
05. Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy!
06. More Beep Than Beep (Bring That Beep Back)
07. I'm Eating a Videogame Hamburger!
08. Stuff The Pillow, Put On The Wig (In Da Club)
09. So I Got This Salsa Off The Internet...
10. Talk About Bein' Thirsty!
11. Rock n' Roll Fishing Show!
12. Love x 1000


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