8-Bit Bitchslap - Sex Ed 101 (2009)

Artista/Band:8-Bit Bitchslap

Sex Ed 101
País/Country:Estados Unidos

01. Intro
02. Oh God It's Everywhere!
03. Bang Bang, Skeet Skeet
04. What The Fuck Do Birds And Bees Have To Do With Fuckin' Anyways
05. Spitters Are Quitters
06. The Bit Brotherhood
07. Thats The Longest Quickie I've Ever Had
08. Hip-Hop Viking (Interlude)
09. Condoms Aren't Completely Safe. A Friend Of Mine Was Wearing One And Got Hit By A Bus
10. The Pouchless Kangaroo
11. I Said I Wanted Pancakes Not A Twat Waffle
12. Thanks For The Blowjob... What's Your Name Again?
13. The Time The Hare Beat The Tortis
14. Thats The Longest Quickie I've Ever Had (Vox-Bonus Track)
15. Bowser Is A Cunt (Secret Track)


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