VA - GO! With Fourteen O & The Groovy Orphanage & Kids On Crack & My Mouth is Full of Dropkicking Astronauts - Split Tape (2007)

Artista/Band:GO! With Fourteen O, The Groovy Orphanage, Kids On Crack, My Mouth is Full of Dropkicking Astronauts

Album:Split Tape
GO! With Fourteen O
01. Four More Years
02. George Orwell's Collection Of Hidden Cameras

The Groovy Orphanage
03.Zerozerothree/Pencil Stabbing
04.Awed Cobbler/Sneezing Fit
05.Inclement Paste/Molesting Chalk
06.Agiated Imp/Dear Tracy

Kids On Crack
07. Fartman
08. Look At My Pants! They Are Full Of Shit
09. Burzum Ain't Cool, You Meathead
10. Land Der 1000 Penen
11. Got Tons Of Trash In My Pocket
12. You Are The Scene! I Hate You!
13. I Don't Like Indie Kids
14. So This Is Western Europe He?
15. Pupu
16. Bombenguerteljoe/Mescalin
17. Fucked In The Ass
18. Batman And Robin
19. This Song Is Called 13

My Mouth Is Full Of Dropkicking Astronauts
20. Falsche Freunde Soullten Richtig Singen
21. Herze Roxorn
22. Butter Ain't For Your Hair
23. Tornados Kцnnten Blumen Pflьcken
24. Emoslaughter Holocaust
25. Grindcore Isn't For Emofaggots
26. Keep Grind Emofree
27. I Don't Care If You Don't Like It, I'm Better Than Your Band
28. Die Die, I Say Goodbye



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