Kid Overdrive - Get Equipped With Kid Overdrive (2006)

Artista/Band:Kid Overdrive

Album:Get Equipped With Kid Overdrive
Género/Genre:Video Game Metal/nes rock
País/Country:Indianapolis, INDIANA, US
Myspace:Kid Overdrive

01. Mega Medley (Mega Man X)
02. He Wants To Suck Your.. (Castlevania Series)
03. The Pink Block (Tetris & Kirby's Dream Land)
04. Dark Lord Bowser (Super Mario Series)
05. Raising Spirit (Punch Out)
06. The Warrior's Code (Street Fighter 2 & Punch Out)
07. Thrash Fatality (Mortal Kombat Soundtrack)
08. Agahnim's Return, A Tribute To The Past (The Legend of Zelda)
09. Mega Men (Mega Man 2)


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