Daniel Tidwell - Versus Video Game (2010)

Artista/Band:Daniel Tidwell

Album:Versus Video Game
Género/Genre:Video Game Metal/nes rock
País/Country:Haymarket, Virginia, US
Myspace:Daniel Tidwell

01. Very Bloody Tears (Castlevania II: Simons Quest)
02. The Winds of 600 AD (Chrono Trigger)
03. Kens Heavy Hadouken (Street Fighter II)
04. Doctor Wily Created Rock n Roll (Mega Man 2)
05. The Moon (DuckTales)
06. Welcome to the Contra Jungle (Contra)
07. Kongs Donkey Ditty (Donkey Kong Country)
08. Those Who Fight (Final Fantasy VII)
09. Battle (Final Fantasy VI)
10. The Dark Messenger of Destruction (Final Fantasy IX)
11. Korobeiniki (Tetris)
12. Greens Hills and Blue Blurs (Sonic The Hedgehog)
13. Over the World of Hyrule (Legend of Zelda)
14. Super Duper Mario (Super Mario Bros.)



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